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Do You Have $180 And Want Everything To Start Rippin'?

I've got a 4 month old, only used 3 times, not even a case of paint through it...

-Custom Pro E ($230 when I bought it)
-Cyclone Feed System ($69 when I bought it)
-14" Lapco Bigshot ($55 when I bought it)
-16 oz CO2 tank ($18 when I bought it)
-Rufus Dawg Stick Trigger ($17 when I bought it)
-Pen Spring Mod
-Comes with original trigger spring, elbow, and gravity hopper

The gun and everything in it is 4 months old or younger. Only about 1000 balls have been through it, and everything is in sparkling condition. The gun can easily hit 15bps, and the cyclone easily handles it.

I don't ship first.
MO's only.
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