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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

After months of waiting and delay after delay, the first series of Doc's Top Secret X-Ray Prints are finally available to the public. These 18" x 24" prints have been reproduced from actual X-Rays on heavyweight semigloss paper and are a great way to take the guesswork out of how your marker works. The first series of prints features an E-Blade Autococker, an Ironmen Intimidator, a X-Mag and a '03 Shocker.

Blown up 130% from the original size. The prints reveal much of the inner mechanics and electronics of the markers. The prints also include brief histories, as well as descriptions of the components and circiutry that can be viewed in the prints.

Single prints are available for $9.95 plus shipping & handling. The full series of all four prints are available for $34.95 plus shipping & handling. Prints are tubed and shipped via USPS. Orders can be placed at

Doc already has a fistful of X-Rays to prep for future prints and more markers are currently being collected for future irradiation. If your interested in a custom run of X-Ray prints for a trade show, tournament or other special event, contact Doc by email at [email protected].
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