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I offer software for Domination Timer (DOMINATOR) project that I created in 2018. It is usable for Paintball sports for game mode DOMINATION (Capture Point). There are two versions, one is using RFID entry with compatible cards, wristbands, second is using standard hardware pushbuttons for user entry. Each firmware can be cloned to as many microcontrollers that you need. So, you can create with one firmware X Domination Timer points and use them around your Airsoft Arena at different places.


  • Device - Domination Timer consist of MCU from AVR architecture, likely used in Arduino boards (Arduino Uno, Nano are fully compatible with source code and schematics).
  • There is LCD character display 16x2 or 20x4, that shows the time of each team (RED and GRE team.)
  • Each team member is equipped with a card or wristband, keychain that communicates at 13.56MHz. For instance keychains can you buy in many colors that can help you with distrubutions of them to teams...
  • If a team Capture point, any player on that team will place his card on the reader. The team's LED (red / blue) lights up at this station and the team's time started to counting on display.
  • If second team capture that point and put card on reader, LED of other team turns off, time for first is stopped, LED for second team lights up, the second team's time start to count, until it is stopped with other team or referee / eraser
  • If the organizer (referee) puts the card / key, both times shall be discarded until one of the teams has placed the card.
  • The last possible card in the system is the use of so-called. eraser card that pauses and resets both times.
  • Standard price 30€ is for 10 UIDs for each team and 2 UIDs for Referee and Eraser card, can be extended for 10€ for each next 10 UIDs

The maximum time range of the system is: 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds, also suitable for events and sports facilities, events.
The system is tested, functional, works smoothly, the ability to measure and display time even for tenths of a second.
The RC522 reader operates at a frequency of 13.56MHz, RFID tags registers at about 3 centimeters (almost physical contact with the reader is necessary), compatible tag format ISO / IEC 14443 A. NXP RC522 reader is set to maximum Gain 48 dB for final app and speed of SPI bus is set to 4 MHz.

PCB design
For the RFID version, there is a PCB design for production by photo path or from GERBER files.
The PCB is double-sided with overlays. GERBER file can be made for really good price at some JLCPCB or PCBWAY manufacturers. Dimensions of PCB is 100x105mm. Both versions are delivered free of charge to RFID Domination Timer. PCB is for 20x4 LCD display only!

USED HARDWARE - RFID Domination Timer:

  • Arduino Uno / Nano / Mega (the scheme for each microcontroller is the same)
  • RFID RC522 running at 13.56MHz (only with original NXP chip! COUNTERFEIT CHIPS with address 0x12 are not compatible for this project!)
  • 2x LED with 2x 1k or 220ohm resistors (you can connect there relays instead of LEDs, if you want to turn more powerful lights for indication)
  • LCD display 16x2 / 20x4 with I2C converter
  • Buzzer
  • compatible cards and key fobs (standard ISO / IEC 14443 A)

There is a version equivalent for Domination Timer with a button input that replaces the RFID reader. In button version of DOMINATOR, there are four buttons instead of four types of cards. PCB design is not available for the button version. Button version of Domination Timer can be tried for free in the Shareware version.

The version limitation is only in functionality, where it is possible to run Domination Timer to measure a maximum time of 15 seconds for each team. During this time it is possible to verify the response of the system to the inputs, the behavior of the system.
The shareware version is in machine code .hex, which must be uploaded via AVRDUDE software to Arduino, or via GUI interface using XLoader app. There are versions for I2C address converter 0x3F and 0x27.

USED HARDWARE - BUTTON Domination Timer:
  • Arduino Uno / Nano / Mega (the scheme for each microcontroller is the same)
  • 4x pushbuttons connected as INPUT_PULLUP with ACTIVE_LOW contact
  • 2x LED with 2x 1k or 220ohm resistors (you can connect there relays instead of LEDs, if you want to turn more powerful lights for indication)
  • LCD display 16x2 / 20x4 with I2C converter
  • Buzzer

Price of software: 30 € RFID version / 20€ button version / 30€ extended button version with encoder for configurable editations and game mode COUNTDOWN
All firmware codes are delivered in .hex format (machine Intel HEX code for Arduino AtMega328P microcontrollers --> Arduino Uno / Arduino Nano)
Preferred payment method:
Alternative contact: [email protected]
Extended informations about each project can be found with schematics, and test Shareware codes at: RFID DOMINATION Timer - Airsoft | Paintball- Arduino - AtMega

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There is new - extended version for button domination timer that is configurable.
It has 2 game modes - DOMINATION and COUNTDOWN, more below...

I offer SOFTWARE for Arduino stopwatches with a second counter for Airsoft, Paintball game - Capture Point game mode. There are 2 entities in the game (Team RED and Team GRE) that play against each other and try to score a point. The point is assigned by pressing (holding the button) the relevant team. After the point is occupied, a buzzer sounds, announcing that some teams have occupied the point.

If both buttons are pressed at the same time, the time is immediately stopped (pause), it is used to intervene the referee in the game when it is necessary to interrupt the game. The second type of game is the so-called A countdown that counts from the set time to zero while the buttons must be pressed (held) for a period of time to stop the countdown.

System is configurable via a configuration menu that starts before the game. In the configuration menu, the user can use the rotary encoder to switch menu items and then also configure them with the encoder. In this mode, the system does not respond to team buttons, nor does the system respond to the rotary encoder in the game.

The menu is divided into:
  • Start of the game DOMINATOR (2 teams)
  • Setting the time for filling a point (how long the player should hold the button - X seconds)
  • Set maximum game length (unlimited / X hours)
  • ON / OFF detector in the game
  • Countdown setting for countdown game (X hours)
  • Start of game COUNTDOWN (1 team)

All times and settings are stored in the EEPROM memory of the Arduino, they are available even after disconnecting and connecting the power supply, it is a non-volatile memory. The transcription limit is at the level of 100 thousand. The display is limited to a maximum of 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds. The 16x2 and 20x4 LCD display is fully compatible.

Hardware inventory:
  • Arduino Uno / Nano / standalone AVR chip AtMega328P
  • LCD character display 16x2 / 20x4
  • I2C converter for LCD display
  • 2x buttons (switch)
  • 360 ° rotary encoder - e.g. KY-040 (or similar)
  • 2x LEDs
  • Optional - buzzer

I offer the program in .hex machine code. The project can be tested in advance in a test version with a measurement of max. 1 minute for each team. The program in .hex can be uploaded to Arduino via the AVRDUDE tool, or Xloader, which has a graphical interface for easier control. Price is 30€ for extended version of button Domination Timer.

More about project: Domination Timer Airsoft | Paintball - configurable stopwatch via rotary encoder KY-040

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RFID Domination Timer is available in newer version.
There is available firmware for 2, 3 or 4 teams. Also there was created new PCB design - double sided PCB with overlays 104x101 mm.
You need to use Arduino Nano board that will fit into this hardware design. Also there should be used LCD display 20x4 for which there are holes. Display 16x2 is also compatible, but there aren't holes for it's installation. If you want, you can use pin headers, so you can easily changed components if need without soldering.
PCB have 4 mount holes (6 total), so u can place it onto a wall or onto a wooden plate.

Logic is basically same as in previous version, nothing changed. You have still team RFID cards (wristbands, keychains) and also Referee and Eraser entity.
Standard version is firmware for 2 teams, 24 RFID cards total, 10x per team, 2x per Eraser and Referee.
RFID cards UID (unique identifiers - like MAC address) that you provide are placed into source code to the PROGMEM arrays. So cards are stored in flash memory of microcontroller.

There is .xlsx (Excel) Google Spreadsheets document, where is template, so you can easily copy RFID cards UIDs into template from Serial monitor after you print them.

I am selling firmware for RFID Domination Timer only machine code .hex, that means you can't edit source code.

There was implemented new free-to use DEMO version - Shareware firmware for RFID Domination Timer.
Anybody can use it and can use any 4 RFID cards. One per entity. Then you can try app for a limited time.

In serious interested, I am able to make you firmware for other types of RFID readers RDM6300, PN532 and so on...
Alternative contact: [email protected]
More about project & test DEMO app you can find at: RFID DOMINATION Timer 1.0 - Airsoft | Paintball- Arduino - ATmega328P ASG

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