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I've been looking at the fusion F8 for some time now n have been bouncing between that n the Mini. Well, looks like I went w/ the 07 Fusion green LE. I'm def not complaining. Far as I can tell, there isn't really much of a difference between the F8 n the 07. I'm loving that thing! The color is great, it shoots nice, super easy to clean, and just looks good! Overall, I think I liked the Mini the most but the Mini was going for 340 where as the 07 I got for 165. The F8 is going for 450. Like I said, not much difference between the 07 and F8.

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what is the point of this thread.
Your not asking a question or making a point.
Mods delete this! :mad:
lol is it really bothering you that much?

i have a 07 fusion to very nice guns. My friend has a 08 its pretty much same but is smaller and looks cooler.
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