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oh snap
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This is one of my friend's Dragun TES.

Silver TES
Check-it clamping feedneck
Shocktech Superfly bolt
Shocktech ball detent (not pictured)


4+1 pod pack
1 20oz anti-siphoned co2 tank
JT headshield goggles
Stock bolt
TES gun case
Redz barrel sock
pretty messed up has some small cracks in a couple places


Just offer up and I will talk to him about it. He isn't looking for trades...only looking to sell.

You can either e-mail me at [email protected] or catch me on AIM at pballa57TBH

oh snap
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HuNtS said:
175 for gun and tank
I will talk to him. I have called him already tonight and left a voicemail and he isn't responding to any IMs right now...dont know why.

I will get back to both of you as soon as I have the answers.
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