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We go to the MOtor vu drive in at dallas oregon about once every week, for the past couple months. We see the same movies over and over, in our town there is NOTHING to do, so we end up fishing and going to the drive in, I've seen shrek 2 six times. We always stand in front of the snack stand before the movie and hang out, because usually we meet up with friends there.

Anyway, last night we were standing there like usual, and the lady came out and told us to go back to our car. That lady is a *****. So we told her to give us our money back and we'd leave, and she told us she wont give us our money back. We told her that we do not appreciate her ****.

We came back about 10 minutes later, and all asked for job applications, that was funny. Then we got $3 worth of nickels and whatnot and bought cotton candy.

The moral of the story is, my town sucks, and therees nothing to do, but dont go to the motor vu if you live in oregon, cuz they are ****.
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