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This was a shirt made by Dye for a year or so (2004 2005 ish).

It is a t shirt made out of some silky smooth material with ventilation perferation on the sides. If you own it, you know what I'm talking about. I believe it is the shirt equivalent to the "Arena" shorts Dye currently sells, but I could be wrong about that.

I have one and would like to own a backup. Must be either large or XL.

It needs to be in decent shape, not beat up, must not have discoloration, abrasions, burrs, or loose threads.

I must have pictures taken from multiple angles, front and back, along with a note in each picture containing the date the picture was taken and the username in the photograph. Any defects must also have a photograph, so I can decide wether or not its a "big deal" or not.

If these conditions are met, I will pay immediately :)

Thank you for your time
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