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I am selling my whole paintball collection (red and black color scheme) and everything is in perfect working condition! The clothes are Medium size, all Black and Red color scheme and are only 8-10 months old. Interested in buying check out the link HERE or at the bottom of the page.

I am selling:
Dye DM4 Marker
Dye Rotor (second generation with speedfeeder)
Dye Throttle 45/4500psi
Dye Throttle Rhino Tank Cover
Dye Ultralite Barrel
Dye Barrel cover
Dye Mask (Black)
Dye Gloves - fingerless
Dye Headband (burberry print)
Dye Pod Pack 4+2 (Includes 4 pods which hold 160-180 paintballs)
Dye Pants & Jersey
Dye Kneepads
Dye Slider Shorts
Dye Stickers (2 count)
Squeegee - never been used
Marker Lube, Extra Grips, Tool kit for screws, Original DM4 Box

If interested I am selling the whole shabang for $600 or OBO. I'd like to sell this fast so send me your offers!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts