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I got a Dye Cater Buzzard. The color is Cobalt/slate almost pewter to me, the Pic does not show how cool it looks. It gives me a nice chill feeling when I look at it ;) .

What do you think?

It comes with:

Dye Ultralite barrel bored to .0688/.0689 (it's unmarked) - also the threading on the body is more of a true cocker thread (all my barrels went on this beauty very easily :lol: for lack of a less graffic discription :lol: )
ANS 1200psi gauge in the valve
S/S braided hose with quick disconnects for easier maintenance access
the Rail and the Stock Feed have been milled as well as the grip frame being tapped for use of a stock or an Island style set-up B)

This gun has seen some action so it has been well used and very well maintained. So there is the usual wear and tear you'd expect from a killer like this.

I have a stock as well but I'm debating wether or not I should sell it but if you want it I can let it go with the gun Only - No parting (yet ;) )
Buzzard with stock for $580 shipped - The Buzzard alone $540 shipped

Here's the stock:

Also Only to be sold with the buzzard as there is no bucket changer I will sell one of my cherished 3.5oz tanks. This is only for 1-ONE-UNO and ONLY WITH THE GUN
tank w/on-off add $22
regular tank add $15

Not looking for any trades on this one sorry - I do accept paypal and usps money orders are nice to.

Feel free to ask questions
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