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A total copy/paste of my thread on the nation:

As per usual, noone reads, but my rules anyway.

1. If you're marker is Ninja, or Red, I'm not interested. I don't care what kind of marker it is, I'm not interested if it's all black or red w/ anything. I don't like those colors.
2. Any other color I'm cool with. Blue w/ black is my favourite, but will look at greens, whites, golds, bronze, blue, fades, etc.
3. I have money to add for a good trade!!
4. Paypal ONLY if you buy. Price is as shipped via paypal. NO GIFTING to lower the price. Paypal is for your protection as well as my own. Gifting is against the TOS for sales.
5. Be respectful and I'll be respectful in return.

With that all said, got my NT10. Got the NT11 spool, guide, green insert in it to fix the issues the NT10's had. Do not have the new spacers or the manifold. Since putting the newer parts in, this has been my workhorse marker, has had zero issues. Always take this with me because I know it's going to simply WORK if I need it. Comes with the case/barrel/parts that it originally came with.

Asking for $575. Again, I have money to add for the right trade. Mostly would be interested in trading for a Demon. But willing to consider just about anything (except Quests and Cockers, I have too many already).

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