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Wasn't sure where to post this: But it's something I created for the budget minded baller.

If you're like me, you love your Rotor. And if you're still like me, you have a Dye speed feed on your Rotor. Now, if you're still like me, your Dye speed feed is saggy and limp (waits for laughter to cease).

Like many others, I don't have the disposable income to throw around all the time. And honestly, there are other areas I could throw my money, paint for instance. So, I had this thought. Why can't I recondition my Dye speed feed in the hopes of it lasting a few months longer?

Below is my method. It's worked on similar projects. Now, this is by no means a perfect solution and results will vary. Hell, there is a strong possibility it won't work as wear will be different on each speed feed. And the major problem, I've noticed is the amount of material Dye leaves for the finger hinges. So, the sagging will return in time.

Now, without further ado.

Step 1. Disassemble your Rotor. Not posting instructions on this.

Step 2. Remove the 5 screws holding the speed feed in place. (If you installed your speed feed, this is old news)

Step 3: Isolate the Speed Feed.
(I took this photo after the job was done, oops)

Step 4: Gather your materials. I used a small bowl, just large enough so the speed feed did not contact the sides. Plus, it had a concave bottom, on which the speed feed just happen to fit perfectly. A baby food jar or a cylindrical object of similar size. An empty pod would work. And boiling water.

Step 5: Slide the speed feed over the jar/pod or whatever and place in the bowl. I tried face up and face down, both seemed to work. Best if it's well centered though. Then fill the bowl with boiling water enough to cover the speed feed. I used water as it gives 360 deg (not temp) heat. If you use a heat gun, you'll have directional heat on one spot and will cause uneven heating.
(Yes, I filled the jar with water to keep it from floating)

This was my first attempt, with the jar just sitting on the fingers with the speed feed facing down. Wasn't as efficient as the above method.

Step 6: Let it sit for about 5-10 minutes. This will allow the heat to soften the rubber, allowing it conform to the jar/pod.

Step 7: Remove from the water and jar/pod. Allow to cool on a flat surface.

Step 8: Reinstall in Rotor.

I put several pods through the reconditioned speed feed and it springs back quite nicely. I agree, the Dye Speed Feed is inferior to the others on the market, but if you're stuck with one for awhile. This could help ease some frustrations.
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