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E-Blade Cocker

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Rate it up by the pics. I'll post specs later on.

FBM Black to Pewter Body
Eclipse Eblade
Freeflow Internals (Valve/Hammer)
Maddman Springs
Freeflow Ram
Palmers Micro Rock
CP 1 Piece
ANS Gen-X2 Regulator
Custom White Delrin Bolt
Kapp Frontblock, ASA
FBM Backblock
WGP Stainless Cocking. pump rod.
CCM Clamping Low Rise

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my monitor's kinda dark, but from what i can see it looks sexified ---> 9/10 for looks, post specs
Specs are up. UP!
Not bad. New inline, new cocking rod, beavertail, and new detents and its a 10, now an 8.
Why would I need a new beavertail and detent?
I was assuming you had stock metal detents, if not, you don't need them.

And without a beavertail it isn't tournament legal.

Dig the pollished metal over the cool pewter paint job. Good eye!
yea i love the pewter job this gun is crazy 9
i'm bringin this bakc to life for ya, 8.31/10
I wanted to Buy this.. But Now I have relized that cockers are Not the greatest.. Its super hawt, didnt mean to trash your thread or anyhting.. 9.5/10..
The inlines fine, don't worry about replacing it. Otherwise sweet marker man, 9/10
some Kapp delrin or delron(I forget which it is) detents and a beavertail so you can rock this in tourneys.

nice, 9.5/10 im with Barber get a beaver tail and you got a 10
Why do you have 2 gauges showing your inline output pressure (the one on the inline and the one on the bottom of the frontblock). Doesn´t make sense to me...

But still, I´ll give you an 8/10.
get a new bolt... and rock the shocktech snatch beavertail
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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