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I'm totally getting out off paintball! So here is everything I have.

98 Custom
GTA E-bolt (no on/off switch)
Lightly polished internals
Rufus Dawg Centerfeed
Rufus Dawg Double Trigger
Dead on Products drop forward
Vertical Adapter
Palmer Stabilizer
Bob Long Micro guage
Custom Milling and Duplicolor Paint job
98C shells with hole for RD centerfeed
12" Lapco Bigshot for 98C
Smart Parts All American Back for 98C

Bob Long Texas Storm Intimidatior parts
This is a complete marker but its not put together because I broke a barb off in the rear ram tube hole. I haven't tried getting it out but I'm sure it will come out. I would really like to sell all of it together.

Red to black fade frame
Red to black fade body
Black front block, LPR, and guage
Eye covers
Stock trigger
Techna Katana trigger
CP rail and on/off asa
AKA Sidewinder Reg
"Custom" bolt
Hybrid bumperless ramcap
Another ramcap
2K5 style ram
2k4 style ram
2 different humphreys 'noids (different part numbers)
WAS 2.9 Timmy board
Complete timmy wiring
Hybrid B!tch grips
SP Freak Back
BL Assassins barrel

Other stuff
Macdev Conquest 68/4500 fiberglass with hydro left (I have only used this one day and had problems with the on/off lever staying on, prolly needs rebuilt)
Guerilla Air 68/4500 with High pressure and Low pressure springs
Thread protector
Nipple protectors
Dye Rhino cover
Empire Reloader B (Has some cracks in the front and the the Rip drive knob is broken off.)
Richochet AK
Dueydog Bone, charger and 9V
VL 200 round hopper
PE QEV's (brand new never used)
Barrel swabs and hopper swab
Triflow, Dow 55 and O-ring lubes
Misc O-rings, cocker hose, screws, ect.
16oz C02 tank and 24oz C02 tank with SP on/off (leaked last time I used it)

JT Proteus Goggle system with tinted and clear lenses

Stainless Steel Freak kit with case

Heres all the pics!


Email me ( [email protected] ) I don't check this site much.

I have feedback on PBN and I take paypal.

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i'm gonna take it that the dye cover is for a 68ci? If so how much? What threading is the Freak kit for as well?

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Tastee said:
i'm gonna take it that the dye cover is for a 68ci? If so how much? What threading is the Freak kit for as well?
Freak kit has a cocker/timmy thread back. Cover is 68, it looks like new, never seen dirt make offer.
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