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I know its really expensive but how does it perform?
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performes great IMO...i just recently got to try one. it felt really nice...and was fast...but is it really worth the money? i dunno.

Its really up to you...but if you got lotsa money to blow and u wanna stay with ur tippy...go for it.
well how did it compare to your ans?
An e-bolted tippy is more similar to an electro: impulse, bushmaster, shocker, etc.. but has no anti-chop eye.
mech cocker > electro tippy

the GTA e-bolt kit sucks...if your gonna go electro get the psycho ballistics ebolt kit
they make one thats compatable with a tippman and how many bps can u get up to with each
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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