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Erm.. ya
The title pretty much says it all...
-R-Trigger being able to go up to 15/bps + no batteries required
-E-Grip being able to go up to 20/bps with Semi / 3 shot / full auto requires batteries

Is it worth paying the extra .. $10? for an E-Grip vs R-Trigger? Is the hassle with
batteries switch worth it? Can't the R-Trigger perform just as good? And what are the
chances of having something electronic just spark on you and there goes $100.

I have no idea how the E-Grip works in the field... is it press once and hold while it
does it's selected mode? I mean... is pushing rapidly with R-Trigger get that exhausting?

Comments on Ballers with experience using both systems would be greatly appreciated.


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it's absolutely worth $10 to get with an e-trigger over the reactive trigger

the question you need to be asking is if it's worth it to put something on your marker that's the valve of your marker to start with?
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