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I was saving that bacon
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gloss vert feedbody
halo jewel
Brand new .689 CP
CCM pump kit
return spring
RARE CP toxic reg
Eclipse E2 frame
e2 grips
has the eyes set up, unsure if they work. Why od yo need eyes for a pump? lol
great trigger job (done by me)
CCM bolt
blackmagic cocking rod
red macro
CP black dust ASA

*** Pics from previous owner, if a serious buyer wants, I WILL get new pics***

Note, just for cosmetic purposes, I put a Chrome ball detent on to replace the brass one. Looks better.

As for price, most people ask 450 for these guns. So I will start off for 400 OBO, I know it will go lower than that, so feel free to throw out offers! Not going for less than $300 though.

400 OBO
No trades cept for another cocker and money, or high ends HIGHLY in my favor.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts