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I have an e99 bought in 2004. It has t board and stock board. a shocktech bolt. Quick pull pin, but who doesnt. 14 inche evil driver barrel. a New designs locking feedneck... the screws suck and are a pain to get in... so I JB welded it on there. I can sand it down to make it more atractive. I think I have some pics... older pics though.

will not recieve the long dead on drop with on off. unless you want it then add 10. its pretty scratch... but works.

***please note*** i have not pictured the t board... but will upon request.
I also have for sale a 72/3000 tank. offer away.
for rules purposes we will say 110 for just the gun. 145 with t board and evil barrel.
I only want like 40 for the tank.
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