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Place: Agate, Co.

Time: April 01-02


Pre-Reg: 50$

Walk-On: 65$

Paint: 65$ (day of event only)

CO2+HPA fills included W/ registration (all day)

Earth Ender-Colorado

It has been 30 days since Earth Ender’s high speed fire and smoke trails streaked through the sky and punched multiple holes in the earth’s crust. The earthquakes and tsunamis devastated the infrastructure of human civilization. In the United States, the power grids went offline in seconds, most of the bridges on the roads and railroads went down in the quakes, and all interstate commerce stopped.

Three days after the big trucks stopped rolling, the grocery stores had all been looted and were empty. The gas stations that had above ground storage tanks were all emptied, and the underground storage tanks were not because there was no power to run the pumps.

The big cities were abandoned, and Governor Dingy Ringy moved the center of the State Government to Agate, CO. The Governor is moving to try to reorganize government and bring civilization back to the chaos.

The US Military that happened to be in Colorado at the time was instructed by the President from the new United States capital in Ohio to assist the Governor in restoring order. So Colonel ___________ has placed his command at the disposal of the Governor.

The National Guard, under the Command of Colonel Tony (from American Paintball Coliseum) called as many troops as possible and has the Guard ready to enforce the orders of the Governor.

The State Police, under the leadership of Capt. __________ is still doing business as usual, enforcing the laws, arresting criminals, and maintaining order.

And a group of civilians, known as the Armed Civilian Volunteers, have placed their organization at the Governors disposal until the crisis passes. Their leader, James Tunnissen, hails from Colorsplash Paintball in Pueblo.

However, out on the plains, the Colorado Land Barons Association has gathered. It is obvious that the government is facing a crisis. The world is in chaos, there is no real order, and the Governor has only a devastated land filled with refugees to govern over. Out here on the plains, the ranchers can exist as long as the world keeps turning. They have land, cattle, grain, buildings, and the guts and ability to defend them. They know the governor is going to have to try to levy a tax on them for cattle to feed the masses, but the government will take everything and there would be nothing to sustain the ranches. So the Land Barons, under the leadership of the owner of the Big M Ranch, Katuil, backed by the Dirt Hogs, have declared their independence. The old government is no more, now it is time to form a new way of life in the shattered world, and only the strong survive.

A group coming out of the mountains, survivalists and conservationists, known as the Rocky Mountain Freedom Alliance, stumbled across the Land Barons, and the two groups have joined forces. The Land Barons need fighters, and the Freedom Alliance needs food. So Mike from Dynamic Paintball has led his group to fight alongside the Land Barons.

Another group made up of security consultants, security operatives, and former Spec Warriors, knowing that the future would not have any big consulting or security jobs, went looking for employment. That is how they came across the Land Barons. Katuil took one look at the newly renamed Mile High Mercenaries in their gear, and signed them on the spot. Their leader, __________, is leading a group of professional troops to insure the defense of the Big M ranch and all of the surrounding area controlled by the Land Barons.

And a group of independent raiders, who were operating in northeastern Colorado, came up against the Land Barons and had a choice, to join or fight. So Anthony Navarro from Action Pursuit Paintball pledged his shooters to the side of the Land Barons.

No sooner had the alliances been formed when the Governor declared that all of the cattle and grain is to be turned over to government by the end of the week. The Land Barons reject the declaration, and the fight is on.

Helicopters, tanks, P-zookas, demo, medics, role playing as sides swap and barter for props, the law arrest the bandits and jails them, air strikes, and maybe even a nuke. The action starts on April Fools Day, so be prepared.


Will be attended by SpecOps, BLC, Dirt Hogs, and rep.s from most major fields and pro-shops in Co.

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man, i wish i could go, sounds like fun, but colorados a bit of a hike for me. i was writing one not far off from this for that blackcat senario thing, but i got lazy and let it go, lol.
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