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Huge Electronic Spyder Package F/S/T 150 OBO Pics!!

Hey everyone, I'm looking to get a new gun, so my baby has to go. Heres what you get:

Blue new bodied design Kingman Spyder Xtra:
Syndicate Electric Grip-16 BPS semi, 3 round burst, and full auto.
Stock Grip
14" progressive barrel
Stock Barrel
14 oz C02
Clear 12v Revvy w/X-board and impeller upgrade
Extra green shell for revvy
Gravity Hopper
Green Mask
2 Rechargeable Nine Volts
3/4th full cylinder of Gold Cup Lube

This package would be perfect for any newer player that wants a solid electronic gun package, or a person with a mechanical gun that would like to get into the realm of electronic guns. This gun has worked extremely well for me, I have shot about 2 1/2 cases through it. I have lubed and cleaned this gun before and after every day of play. All the O-rings will be replaced before I ship.

With all the extras etc.. this gun is worth $260. The only problem with it is there are some scratches on the feedneck, and a small dent on the beaver tail. I took pictures of both of these so you can see what I mean. They do not at all effect the performance of the gun. Also, you can hardly tell they are there. I

For this package I am asking 150 shipped OBO. I will trade for halos plus cash.

My AIM is wannabe ymn. Feel free to AIM me or send me a PM with any questions.

Here are pictures(Some of the pics make the gun look really scratched, but it really isn't. The flash makes it look that way.) -- Dent -- Scratches

Thanks a lot,
GotToLoveIt (Robert)
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