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Alright well the Base Commander of Ellsworth AFB. was kind enough to help fund a paintball course which is located just off the base in Box Elder SD. The course was put together with the help of SSgt. Jensen and volunteers.

It is approx. 100 yards long with a fort located at each end faceing West to East. It is played top to bottom with the top located on a hill/incline. The course is a work in progress, but is made up of mostly 3/4/5/6 Barrel bunkers leading from each side into the middle with large hay bales and also a couple dirt mounds on the outskirts. Located in the middle is a very large hay bales which forms the base of a makeshift small fort. There is a long snake off to your left side made up of white plastic barrels approx 8-10 barrells in length located about halfway on the left looking towards the top.

The snake and the makeshift middle fort are usually where alot of the action takes place, but the haybales and dirt mounds located around the edges make for some great fights to protect the L or R flanks.

There are plans to expand the paintball course up to 3 fields, but so far all the volunteers/players plan to help perfect the inital course.

There is NO FEE to play on the course, and the golf pro shop located across the street rents paintball markers/masks/co2 and also refills c02 and sell paintballs for 10$ for 500 paintballs. The rentals markers are Tippmann 98 customs which imho are in great shape and make very reliable rental markers. The only problem I've seen so far was the pro-shop really didn't have that much experience filling/refilling c02 and therefore refills weren't filled completly and some of the rental c02 canisters were not completly full.

The hours are 7-7 with open play mon-thurs and reserve play in 3 hour blocks fri-sun and all base down days/holidays. From what I've seen most people do not mind adding people into their games on the weekend play reserved days.

POC is 605-923-4999
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