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Hehe, I've been sorta cracking up over emo lately. Here's a chat with Shawn B I had about emo blogs.

adamtoneal: hey
kartchamp 117: Yo.
adamtoneal: k
adamtoneal: haha my sisters best friend is so f*cking emo
kartchamp 117: Punch her in the va*ina.
adamtoneal: its so funnay reading her blod
adamtoneal: *blog
kartchamp 117: I have a friend who is really weird, and everytime I read his blog I laugh my ass off.
kartchamp 117: I feel so bad, though.
kartchamp 117: Heh.
adamtoneal: haha
adamtoneal: heres a little excerpt
adamtoneal: "Man today I woke up and I felt like I needed to go for a run. [IM SO FAT! FU*K!] So I did. And the whole time I thought about how I tried to commit suicide a few times. Only seconds away from taking my life away, and there on my front door step were my best friends to stop me."
kartchamp 117: HAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
kartchamp 117: Refer to my first statement after you said she was emo....
kartchamp 117: Heh.
adamtoneal: lol
adamtoneal: "Theres so much drama on my street"
adamtoneal: "We have the single-mother coping with her problems with her 5 boys who are always screaming and running around."
adamtoneal: "We have that weirdo hill where all the stoners go to get high."
adamtoneal: its fu*kin funny how she started listening to emo
adamtoneal: then she got a skateboard
adamtoneal: and thinks she isnt a poser because she can drive down a little street
adamtoneal wants to directly connect.
kartchamp 117 is now directly connected.
adamtoneal: (Sends pic of basically flat street)
kartchamp 117: She sounds like a winner.
adamtoneal: haha
adamtoneal: check out her bands
kartchamp 117: Heh.
adamtoneal: Here are a few bands I like...
Simple Plan, Dahsboard Confessionals, Story of the Year, Ataris, Brand New, Coheed and Cambria, New Found Glory, Jet, Taking Back Sunday, Incubus, The Used, Yellowcard, Rooney, All American Rejects, Three Days Grace, Green Day, Lostprophets, The Living End, Snow Patrol, Alien Ant Farm, Bad Religion, Authority Zero, Hoobastank, Midtown, Maroon 5, Blink 182, Smile Empty Souls, Franz Ferdinand, Modest Mouse, Thursday, Sum 41, MXPX, Jimmy Eat World, The Kicks, Something Corporate, The Killers, Alkaline Trio, From Autumn to Ashes, Bowling For Soup, Sugarcult, Less Than Jake, Muse, Autopilot Off,
kartchamp 117: There are maybe 2 good bands and a few decent in there. Other than that, she deserves a lead pipe to the face.
adamtoneal: every emo band that ever existed^^
kartchamp 117: Werd.

After a little talking about other blogs I send him my sister's blog.

kartchamp 117: Nina is pretty hot...
kartchamp 117: Heh.
adamtoneal: hey a*shole
adamtoneal: thats my sister
kartchamp 117: HAHAHAHAHAHA!
kartchamp 117: My bad, dude.
adamtoneal: haha i dont care
adamtoneal: i just found it funny
adamtoneal: haha
adamtoneal: I think I might just post this very chat in the lounge
adamtoneal: IN THE RAW!

Sorta long but might help someone stay busy if bored.

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Not to me she isn't. But that's just me.

BTW- That is pretty funny. So you guys live near each other or somethin?

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whats wrong with incubus
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