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So, I've been browsing around on the internet for a while, looking to get a new barrel for one of my Quests, and I'm having a difficult time deciding which one I would like to get.

Here's the scoop;

Empire Super Freak: ($199)
Empire Super Freak Barrel Kit
It's around $200, but comes with three tips (although I would NEVER use the Apex tip), and 5 inserts. The barrels look ok, and I'm sure that the inserts would probably fit in with my Luxe barrel.

DYE Ultralite/Boomstick: ($135-160)
Dye Ultralite Barrel complete (Regular Ultralite)
Dye Carbon Fiber Boomstick Barrel (Carbon fiber back)
I've heard really good things about these barrels. I don't really have a big use for all the different bores, as I live in San Diego and there is very little to no humidity change, but I can't seem to wrap my head around $135-$160 for one barrel...

GoG/SP Freak: ($149-155)
Freak Barrel Kits
While I am not a huge fan of what SP has done/made in the last few years, (with the exception of the Luxe) this barrel system has been proven. I have part of a kit, but unfortunately, it's Ion threaded. I like the ability to change the inserts like the Super Freak too.

CP Full Bore Barrel Kit: ($205)
Custom Products CP Paintball Barrel Kit
This looks similar to the $30 single piece barrel that I already use, just has a back that you can use for bore matching. While I am a big fan of CP in general, I don't really see the point of spending another $175 for bore matching...

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honestly i prefer a ultralite barrel over about any of those if i need to continue i would
ultralite>deadlywind=freak=super freak>cp i am not a fan of j&j barrels i dont like hardly anything about them i would also choose a sceptor barrel kit if price is a matter they are cheaper than the competition but they are actually nice inn my opinion
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