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my evening was as follows. enjoy
went to the px(military mall) bought a 27 inch flat screen lcd tv. came back hooked it up and my buddy says hey lets go to the movie hostle. And im like...lets go.

sit through the movie hostle and it is great. Im in a good mood big time. We go to flos pancake house which is the greatest diner in the world. Eat a french dip sandwhich and talk to the waitress for a while with my buddy.

The other guys at the barracks call us up and say to get the hell over because they got a couple of cubes of bud light and im like...shwing.

drink some beer and decide lets go to the titty bar. so we go to fantasies where I happen to be a vip member because I am a very important petophile.

Now I am back at the barracks with a beer in my hand trying to decide if I wanna get smashed or just sit around and stare at my tv while slowly drowning myself out with beer.

so thats my night. I had fun.
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