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ok well my telecaster ((mexican made with duncan p-ups)) is sounding really thin. I've adjected my p-up height and i'm still not happy with the sound.
So: i'm looking into a new amp first, then later on possibly either an epiphone les paul or a gibson les paul junior.

anyway, as far as amps; I play mostly classic rock, some newer rock ((sublime, chili peppers, green day, etc.)), and I play in a christian band. We play smaller gigs every saturday so it will be used live a lot. Usually 75 or so people in a room the size of a small hall. I'm looking to spend $400 tops. I'm not particularly interested in effects- I use a Toneworks stompbox for that- just sound quality and maybe a few effects like reverb or disdortion... but I don't want to spend $100 on effects i'll never use.

I've been playing for 3 years so my musical knowledge is not tremendous; but I know just enough to get along. so: No tube amps prolly... I play in worship scenarios a lot so I need to keep my volume low.

I've been looking at the Crate RFX65 Combo, but aside from that, i've found very little. What do you reccomend? thanks
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