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The dates:
- 24-25 of March - Athens (Greece);
- 28-29 of April - Budapest (Hungary);
- 9-10 of June - Lviv (Ukraine);
- 14-15 of July - Moscow (Russia);
- 18-19 of August - Warsaw (Poland);
- 29-30 of September - Prague (Czech).

Centurio Circuit renounces the marshalling teams and proceeds with the PRO marshalling. So, all the Marshalls will be PRO, no teams allowed.
There will be no Ultimate Marshall on the tournament. There will be the Head Marshalls on the each field and their decisions will be final.

We have increased the entry fees in the Divisions:
- 1st Div - 750 EUR
- 2nd Div - 500 EUR
- 3rd Div - 400 EUR

We will hold the 1st Div in format C4:
- first team to score 4 points wins;
- one period is15 minutes.
All the games will be held on the one field. Teams of 1st Div will not play with the teams of 2nd Div. We use Millenium rules, the ramping is allowed (format C4 is the time briefed version of the M7 CPL competition system).
The limit on each tournament is 16 teams in 1st Div. The 1st Div will be closed by the results of the season 2007. No format changes in Div 2 and 3.

The minimal level of the money prizes in 1st Div remains, voucher prizes in 2nd and 3rd Div increased in one and a half.

And about the Rating. In the season 2007 the Centurio Rating takes:
- 4 the best from the series in Div 1;
- 5 the best results from the series in Div 2 and 3.
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