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Estonian Paintball Federation invites You to participate in Estonian Paintball BigGame 2016. It is the biggest paintball battle in the Baltic countries, which is held yearly in April and in this year already 14th times!

Paintballers are showing more and more interest in Estonian BigGame every year and it is growing in numbers. Many foreign players come to Estonia every spring from different countries in Europe and nearby to join the great battles. The chosen playgrounds get lots of credit and good feedback, because the battles are held in old Soviet military bases. This years playing field is another example, battles are held in a old military base in South of Estonia.

Memories of last Nursipalu BigGame:

Time: Saturday the 16th April 2016

Battlefield: Nursipalu, old military base (263 km from the Tallinn city center)
Participants: approximately 500 players

See GMap:
Map coordinates:
57°49'11"N 26°50'44"E

Registration information:

Price for package with private equipment: Package included participation fee, buff and 1000 balls

Register before 1st of April and get discount. Ask for personal price!
Also you can rent the necessary equipment (semiauto Tippmann marker, HP tank, goggles, overalls, additional tubes) ask more [email protected]

Additions for sale at the event:
Extra ammunition – from €11 / bag of 500
Smoke grenades, paint grenades, paintball equipment etc
Lunch, snacks, soft drinks

The only paintballs used during the event must be bought from the organizer on the location.

Additional information

To participate in the event, it is obligated to register in advance, see dates and pricing above.

Paintballs used at the BigGame 2016 must all be bought from the organizer on the location.

Smoke grenades and bangers
All smoke grenades and bangers used at the BigGame 2016 must be bought from the organizer on the location.

HP air refills are available on the location, 3000PSI+
Players should come with bottle already filled to start the game. This will save lots of time and we will get started as planned. Players interested in refilling before the event, pls come no later than 9:30!
Players must make sure their tank is current on hydro, damaged tanks are not filled.

All marker must chrono 300fps or under. All players are expected to chrono before they start in the game and every time they are re-inserted into the game.

"Dead" or other players leaving the field for whatever reason may enter the same game again through insertion points (- where you started at), which are scheduled every 10 minutes.

Team Scouts
Each team has 1 Scout, who helps to coordinate the game on the field, but is not playing himself! Team Scouts are fixed before the game, they are given referee vests.

Teams may use defensive shields - every team may have up to total of 2 shields.
Shields will not be provided by the organizer, they are up to players to bring. Shield may be with maximum area of 1 square meter and may not have any shooting holes.
All shields must be registered no later than April 8th!, contact organizer to register [email protected]

Heavy machinery
Being specified

Field plan

Registration form- on the homepage
Info: [email protected]
Web: Adrenaliin - - Paintball, laserlahing, ronimine!
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