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I want to sale all as a complete package asking 900 bucks thats shipping included

All gear only used 3 or 4 times at the most.

Planet eclipse Etek 3AM Blue
-Zick 2 Kit
-Cure 3 bolt

Dye rotor loader black with blue accents

Blue 1000rd hopper

Empire E-vent mask w/clear and blue lenses

Redz barrel kit
-.687, .689, .691, .693 backs and 14" and 16" fronts

Ninja 68/4500 tank with Ninja tank cover

L/XL Empire belt
-6 Dye lock lid pods

Blue XL proto jersey

Blue L proto pants

Virtue head band

S/M Dye gloves

Email [email protected] ....will send pictures to interested buyers
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