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I'll keep it simple with a list:

Purple Package:
2003 WGP Summer Edition Blue Autococker
Dead on Drop Forward
Dye 12" Boomstick
All else Stock

68/4500 Crossfire N2 Tank w/ Dye Rhino Cover
I'm not sure about the hydro date on it but I can get it tested if I need to

ViewLoader 12v Smoke Revolution Hopper
The lid is broken but I just tape it down or you could buy one for $3.99

Dye Invision Mask Red

Dye Attack 5 Pod Harness (Never used)
5 Fatboy Pods

$260 for just gun is Best Offer

Purple Package


Barrel Close-up

Tank in Cover

Tank out of Cover


Cocker and Hopper

Orange Package:
Spyder Shutter Black - $45

VeiwLoader 200 Hopper

20 oz PMI CO2 Tank

12 oz Java CO2 Tank

JT Elite nVader Goggles

Brass Eagle 4 Pod Harness
4 VeiwLoader Pods

$80 OBO I would like to sell all this together.

Red Package


Everything here is in great condition (except the hopper but it can be easily taken care of). The autococker has been used no more than 10 times and I really hate to see such a great gun sitting around gathering dust. I used it about a month ago and I rememberred why I bought it, but I've decided that I just need the money. The Shutter has seen its fair share of use but it's a good solid gun so it still works great. I got the harnesses as gifts and never used either one which is a shame because of how nice they are.

Pics have been added sorry it took so long.

I plan on putting it on ebay in later tonight and will post the link. Feel free to bid on it if you are interested.

Email: [email protected]
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