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I need money for a think of the children...;)

Everything is f/s and in perfect condition. I love paintball just dont have the time anymore. Just make an offer on anything. Will send more pics if needed.

I accept paypal or mo

combo deal everything $675

1. $450 obo

Dust Red/Black fade Dm4

Tadao Muwashi Board

dye sticky grips

14" Dye Ultralite 2-Piece Barrel

Black dye asa/drop/on/off

Dye red parts

Cp roller trigger

Parts kit/ stand/ tools/ lube/etc.

Owners Manual

2. $50 obo

Black halo B

3. $100 obo

68ci/4500psi lp fiber crossfire tank

68ci dye rhino cover red

4. 35 obo

Black/grey dye invision

Goggle bag

5. $25 obo

Black/silver 4x4x1 raven harness

8 pods


Gel inserts (yes it is very comfortable)

6. $60 obo

Jt huge gear bag 32x16x16

Holds everthing

Wheels/ extra straps

7. $90 obo

Green GTV-1

20 oz. co2


Spyder barrel


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Ill do like 520$ for gun and tank combo
paypal ok?
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