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I am currently attempting to sell or trade my Evil Pimp. I will be looking carefully at all offers, but my interest will turn towards Intimidators and Shockers first. Sorry for the inconvience, but I will post pictures up tonight or tomorrow.


Evil Pimp
Stock Evil Grips
Ghetto 7.0 Board
Evil Respirator LPR
Stock Evil Feedneck
14" Evil Driver Barrel
Evil Detonator Regulator


This marker will come with the original box, manual, and on/off. I also have a Proto headband and Proto parts pouch that I will sell together for $20. The headband and pouch are new and has never been used.

If you need to contact me, send me a private message or post your offer here. I currently have AIM, YIM, and MSN, but the servers have trouble connecting and will be temporarily out of use. You may send me an e-mail though if you have any questions or concerns about the marker or myself.

Price: $400 OBO

Interested In:

E2 Autocockers
05 Interceptor
Defiant 2
Nerve + Cash
Promaster + Cash
Upped Ions + Cash

Don't Want:

ICD Markers
Spyders/Spyder Clones
Diablo Markers
Other Blowback Markers

E-Mail Address: [email protected]
Private Message: [email protected]
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