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Yo guys i got my Verizon Samsung Omnia for sale. I have only had this 2 months and i just dont need a smart phone anymore cuz i dont even use the extras that smart phones offer. It comes with all original stuff in box(cds,charger,etc.) and it also comes with a red frame protector and a mirrored screen protector. This phone is in good condition and has no scratches on the screen. Asking $225 OBO. Ill accept trades but they will be in my favor.

If u need to contact me faster, email me at [email protected] or text me at 970-571-0185

V2 Mini
Ul'd PMR
DM's and PM's
Tmobile smart phones
iPod touch 2nd gen or newer

Here is the pic of the phone, protective case, screen protector, and original box. All accessories are in the box, so if u want additional photos just let me know.
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