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Ok like the tittle says... i dont know wat the machine guns are called but they look like stg 77 one is new only used once the other was used 3 times but they work fine. one pistol (orange/clear) works but i noticed it doesnt have good accuracy, the other (black/blue) works awsome shots accurate and hard. YOu send money first! i got good feedbak but i only bout like 3 things on this side. i was alredy jacked $175 by [email protected] so i dont want this to happen again. I will defenetly trade for paintball gear (mask, tanks, hollisters, barrels, etc) i want this gone. ill try to put pics on soon i dont know how to yet but if i havent send me an email and ill send u pics
([email protected])
~ 1 stg77 20 obo
~ 1 stg 77 15 obo
~ 1 pistol (orage/clear) 10 obo
~ 1 pistol (black/blue) 10 obo
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