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Background Info:

I just got this gun from a guy that kept the gun in very well condition. I got the gun from him and me, being the gun whore I am, want to get rid of it before I shot it. I've seen him shoot it before since he only lives 80 mi. away. The settings on the gun are set up like the Naughty Dogs old E-Blades. It's bouncy as hell. Also, I set up the trigger perfectly so when you pull the trigger once, it bounces back and shoots again sometimes. So when you pull the trigger 10 BPS you shoot like 17-20 really.


  • FF Teardrop Body
  • Eblade
  • Messiah Reg.
  • Palmers STB LPR
  • Moody Ram
  • MEV's
  • DYE Mini Guage
  • FF Internals/Everything Else

Eblade eyes work great. This gun has a sick custom anno. It's black to blue fade. I will also include a matching 16" UL tip. The body has the old school wire ball detents installed, they work great and flawlessly. There are the normal amount of scratches from wear and tear from normal play. No more than most other guns.

Pic: (More to come soon, if needed.)

AIM - iwasacommy
Email - [email protected]
Or PM Me

PbN Feedback: Here

PbN Supporting Member:

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Misc. Info:
Whoever has more feedback, ships first.
If you are buying, you pay for shipping.
If trading, we both ship priority.
I live in OR, and my ZIP is 97351 to calculate shipping costs.
Price to sell starts at $750.00 + Shipping.
I want to trade more than sell.

Good luck.
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