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<h3> <center>TIPPMANN 98C UPGRADED TO THE MAX CUSTOM EXTRA'S <h3></center>
<P> I have a almost new Tippmann 98c, upgraded with a whole bunch of parts.
Included as extra's I have gloves, mask, tank. I'm looking to get a new Autococker,
so if you have one for trade, hit me up. All the items <u>ALREADY ON GUN, I WILL NOT PART OUT</U>
But everything else i can part. Here's what I got:

<p><u>Tippmann 98c + upgrades (will not part)</u></p>
<br>-Tippmann 98c Response Trigger
<br>-Trinity On/Off drop forward
<br>-Expansion chamber
<br>-32 degrees bolt (new)
<br>-Macroline kit (new)
<br>-rocket cock II
<br>-Stock grips (not the stickies pictured, you can upgrade it if you like)
<br>-Custom double trigger + trigger gaurd (not installed but pictured)
<br>-*mods*, polished internals, super sensitive trigger pull.
<br>-stock barrel
<br> Looking for around $150-180 for all this, will negotiate
<p><u>Parts + Accesories</u></p>
<br>-Ricochet 2K LCD hopper (new) ($45)
<Br>-14" 32 Degrees Qiuet Riot barrel ($35)
<br>-14" <u>Smart Parts</u> Progressive barrel (new) ($40)
<br>-Copperhead Red Dot (will include for free if bought with gun package above) ($8)
<br>-Splat gloves ($10)
<br>-20oz CO2 tank, Catalina, hydro in 2008, has TC/DOT stamps ($20)
<br>-Brass Eagle Straight-shot squeegee ($10)
<br>-JT Nvader mask ($25)
<p>Prices are just for references, please post an offer, worst i can say is no. Prices are
listed in U.S. Dollars. Shipping can be quoted on pending purchases. All that does not sell
within 2 weeks goes onto eBay. <B>NEED AN AUTOCOCKER SOON</B>. THanks alot for looking, PM/e-mail
me for more info/pics at [email protected]. I do have msn, its- [email protected] Any
questions? Just ask.
***3dit*** BAH CRAP! never knew forum doesn't support HTML and I wrote it all in HTML, bear with me ok? I don't wanna go edit it all
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