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1. I will NOT ship first if you have less, the same, or slightly more feedback than me. I refuse to, if you want me to ship first, you must have a lot more feedback than I do. If you have any negative feedback that you cannot explain, you will not be hearing from me.
Here is my feedback thread, all of it is positive:'s+feedback
2. Do not be immature about things, I will stop talking to you if you act immature.
3. If you choose to do a third party, I will choose who we will do it through, it will be a moderator of this forum, and you will pay all fees.
4. Do not PM or AIM me without posting in this thread first.

I'm wanting to trade my '05 Ego for something better. I probably will not sell it, unless the price is in my favor. So to post a price, we'll say...$750.

Specs on the gun:
2005 Platinum Planet Eclipse Ego
Gold accents (Feedneck, LPR, Eye covers, trigger)
Virtue Board
16" UL barrel gloss tip, dust back
Contract Killer grips

I also have some other Ego stuff to add to my Ego for a better gun. I have a platinum accent kit with a black trigger (note: I do not have the platinum trigger). I have one extra black trigger.

Other random Ego stuff
Black trigger frame is SOLD.
Sorry for bad picture quality, I used my phone.

What I want, I will add when needed:
'06 Nexus Ego's (really looking for one)
'06 Ego's
'07 Ego's
Hot as mess UL'd PM6

What I don't want:
Low end guns(Spyders, Tippmanns, Cockers, etc.)
Mid end guns(Ions, Promasters, Minis, Rails, etc.)
1 - 20 of 54 Posts