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Post your fav quotes from the monty python movies here...if u havent seen any..its ok...but go rent some of them!

MINSTREL: [singing]
Brave bold Sir Robin rode forth from Camelot.
He was not afraid to die, O brave Sir Robin.
He was not at all afraid to be killed in nasty ways,
Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Robin!

He was not in the least bit scared to be mashed into a pulp,
Or to have his eyes gouged out and his elbows broken,
To have his kneecaps split and his body burned away
And his limbs all hacked and mangled, brave Sir Robin!

His head smashed in and his heart cut out
And his liver removed and his bowels unplugged
And his nostrils raped and his bottom burned off
And his pen...

love that part when they're going thru the forest

Holy ****ing Asscrackers!
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"a newt?"

"...i got better...."

\m/ viking
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that movie is one of the best of all time i know every word

"and what else floats in water," "A DUCK!"...... (the scene plays out) "SHES A WITCH!!!"

"and now for something completely different,"

We The People
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baddogg79 said:
Lol, and with the old lady and the coumfy chair...hehe

Then at the end of the show , they run out of the house, jump on the trolly, and finally get to the court room.

"NO ONE EVER EXPECTS THE - *credits* Awww, dammit."

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