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Kingman Spyder Electra DX w/ Pics

This gun isn't for sale just yet. I'm just trying to see if anyone would be interested in it if I did sell it and how much you think it's worth. I'm not really up with the market these days, but I here people say that this marker is hard to find. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

Marker: Spyder Electra DX
Great condition, very minor and unnoticeable scratches on the body. Works flawlessly.

Extras: Dye Gauge and Dye Grip

Features include:
Digital LED Electronic Trigger Frame with one-touch adjustments
14" two-piece tournament-grade barrel system
In-line regulator with gauge
Custom millwork on receiver
Reactive response trigger
New low-pressure chamber
Vertical feed
Tournament-level velocity adjustment
Elite drop forward
In-line expansion chamber and foregrip
Vertical ball feed
Bottomline setup with steel braided line
Illuminated safety
Two-finger aluminum trigger
Adjustable trigger pull
Four firing modes: semi-auto, 3-shot, 6-shot, and full-auto
Operates on CO2 or compressed air
Quick take-down pin
External battery recharge port
Low battery indicator

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That's very true. Is the price you gave because of it's age? Or is it just that low-end of a marker?
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