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After messing with this thing forever, I finally got it shooting fairly well. The only issue I'm having is the gauge is busted. No biggie, it will be replaced soon.

I bought this marker from a friend for $100. It included what you see minus the ASA and braided steel hose. The macro line was leaking, and I can't stand I went with the good saying of function over form, and "upgraded."

Mods: V-Chipped board with anti-chop eyes, Dye grip, low profile clamping feedneck (can't remember the brand.), some ASA with a on/off valve, and braided steel line.

I'm using the EVO-III Wal-Mart paintballs.

Here's a video of me messing around with it today. Excuse my commentary, I have nothing important to say. :p

YouTube - Ion laying some paint

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