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(thanks mods, much appreciated)

Fireman Mike's Paintball is now open for business!!

COMING SOON - Fireman Mike's Ion, its gunna be HOT HOT HOT

You know the drill, pm me for some fantastic deals!!
Please Post here before PM!​


Dye Boomsticks - $134
Dye Ultralights - $109
St!ffi Barrels - $109
SP Linear - $39.99


I have the _______ board (you know what I'm talkin about, ooooh yah)
Dynasty Shocker Boards

Planet Eclipse

Ego $1125
Nexus Ego!! - $1695
Ego SL66!! - $1895


DM6 $1199
PM6 $725
DM5 - $899.99


Trilogy Pro Select Fire $299.99
Karnivore $999.99

Indian Creek Designs

Promaster $369
This gun is worth every penny, I own one and LOVE it


Tippmann 98 custom with anti chop technology - $139
Tippmann 98 Custom with ACT, camo - $154
Tippmann 98 Pro Electronic with ACT - $219
You want a fast electro that you can toss on the ground on stomp it, this one is for you. All the reliability and strength of a tippmann, with the speed to compete. Think tippmanns have no place in tournament paintball? Tell that to tippmann effect!!

Tippman Upgrades Avail!
Cyclone Feed Kit for 98 - $69.99
Low Pressure Kit for A5 - $129.99
Rocket Cock II - $19.99
Flatline Barrels For Either - $129.99

Smart Parts

Ion - $199
Ion Pro - $329 - Out of stock :(
Add a body kit to your ion and save money. I carry Smart parts kits and New Designz Kits
Nerve - $475
Vision Shockers - $599
Dynasty Shockers - $945

Add toys to your marker and save $$

Want an airtank?!

Dye 4500 PSI Tanks - $227

All Crossfire tanks (except 3000psi) are available in LP or HP
Crossfire 4500 PSI Tanks (any size/shape) - $219
Crossfire 68/3000 HP ONLY - $154!!

47/3000s - $90 3 in stock!!

I've got air america too :)

Want a barrel kit? Just ask! Want a Loader, Just ask!
Need a mask?? JUST ASK!!

1. Post here before PM, period
2. I don't ship before payment is received, no exceptions
3. A $10 shipping fee may apply to some products, 3% Paypal applies to all products
4. All products are shipped via UPS and require an adult signature for delivery, NO EXCEPTIONS
5. I take paypal, payment instructions upon purchase
6. I will accept money orders or cashiers checks, no personal checks, item will shipped when money is received
7. If you are under 18, you will let me speak to your parents, if I am uncomfortable with a sale, I have every right to say NO, the theft report forum scares me :)
8. Local to me, interested in pickup, just ask. I will still require payment beforehand though

Fireman Mike's accepts the occasional trade, generally speaking it will have to be in my favor, don't be afraid to ask!​

Please feel free to browse Fireman Mike's Paintball inventory is being added daily!​

About Fireman Mike
I am a career firefighter/paramedic in Central Ohio. I love firefighting and EMS as much as I love paintball. I started Fireman Mike's Paintball with the hopes of expanding the sport of paintball by offering fair prices on excellent products.

My PBnation Feedback
My ebay feedback

I was saving that bacon
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This is a very nice guy, I talked with him on the nation for a while(this is sirX). Anyway, after I get back from vacation in 2 weeks I will get back with you Mike about a gun. Dont know which one yet though. =(

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are those 06 Dynastys?? im interested

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Thank you for your concern, however I cannot advertise below the prices set by the manufacturer. If you are interested in an item and would like to see if there are any sales available, and you are nice to me, I will let you know.

Medic I don't suppose a trilogy would work for your application?

and no I'm sorry I don't have t-boards :(

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hey im interested in helping you get going id prob take one of them ions or mabye a nerve or another ion hmmm i pmed u O and if you post loader prices mabye those if i like the buy And question any used guns yet to be distributed
and im from ohio but id only drive 3 hours out of my way GAS prices might as well just add on
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