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First NY post in here.

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Hey just moved up to the Rochester area. Right now I am in an apartment looking for a house. Once things calm down and I am not so busy I am going to try and head over to Pats for any of you that play there maybe you will see me one night. Probably will be the only one with a Series 5 Pump trying to play speed ball :D.

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if i lived in ny, and played there i would fear your Series5 in the speedball :)
lol u will get sooo much respect using a pump in big volume paint/air games(assuming u don't SUCK ;) )
yea i live in Buffalo (1.5 hr drive), so I won't be balling w/ u any time soon, but enjoy the good weather while it lasts! (i live in buffalo, i know how bad winter can get)
also: find a good indoor field u like (assuming Pats is outdr.) cuz u won't be ballin outside after october
Pats is a indoor field, and I would say that I do stink right now lol. I have only played speedball once about 5 years ago, other wise I an a woods baller but a good one.

im heading up to ny today to see some relitives(sp). Im thinking about going to that feild called "pats" or somethin like that in rochester. Is this place any good?

edit- to bad i wont have my trix...its in the shop :( . ill be ballin with my pirhana ext 2k4 with palmer stabilizer...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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