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**before reading this know that I have been paintballing for a year now and just cant find any good woods**

So during Christmas my step dad (the only person I know who understands I would rather get one paintball accessory and 10 piece of **** ornaments and crap) got my a response trigger... Happy as I was i hooked it up to my Tippmann 98 custom. After a few mess ups (one being I forgot to put in the little rubber ball detent thingy and when i tipped the gun down balls just fell out, but when i fired it would shoot like a shotgun :cool: )

Finally I got it to work (still some problems, I think I bent a sear pin while hammering something out... Gonna send it in to Tippmann, just gotta pay to ship it and they will replace all the parts that need to be replaced. Noticed also I will shoot maybe 7 balls on full auto then it will stop and ill need to shake the hopper (think though i just need to replace the batteries in my hopper :p.)

Now onto the point: I finally got to go Woodsballing! Near a friend of mines house theres a best buy and a heavily wooded area about one acre behind it (there are houses like 100 or so feet away from the edge of the woods but they dont seem to care.) So yeah. We played predator 5 times. My dad and my friends dad also came (owned my friends dad he has a g3 and I raped him with my Tippy.) After my friends ion failing (first time with his new virtue board) He had to use his autococker. So first round my friend was the pred. We destroyed him. Second round my dad, who sniped me with his borrowed autococker, and then i destroyed my friend with my tippy. Third round my friends dad. He got my dad to become a predator fast, but i demolished him with my tippy (cross field longball, with brush in the way, first shot.) And got him again while he was hiding in a gully. Finally i move into the gully he was hiding in when my dad starts sniping my friend, who gets pinned down. Im stuck in the gully, when my gun uncocks (need to upgrade my cocking device, keeps ****ing up.) Then my dad comes in the gully and at first was like "Wait im not supposed to shoot you." So im standing there all confused and then he says "Oh your not eddie (my friends dad.)" and hits me four times. The rest of the round went along fine except for the last round when I got my dad with like 7 balls while he was trying to snipe me.

So thats how my first woodsball outing went! Also a question, my dads birthday is in april and i wanna get him a paintball gun since he doesnt have one and hes been looking. He wants a mechanical gun because he doesnt like working with electronics, so my step mom and i are collaborating to buy him either a WGP Trilogy Sport Autococker Paintball Marker Blue: Sports & Outdoors or a A-5. Never heard of the former. but ive fired a few A-5's since my first paintball outing in 2007. He also has a mask and can start with my old tank and hopper.
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