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*********************************For Sale: MR2, MR1, APEX, Freak Kit, & Dynasty Stuff

Hey guys, I have some stuff for sale.

Like new Spyder MR1: $80.00

Brand new Spyder MR2: $180.00 (Only played one game!)

Brand new Spyder APEX barrel: $80.00 (Only played one game!)

Like new Spyder Freak Kit: $120.00 (Silver AA tip, black back. With all inserts.)

Dynasty Jersey-Autographed! $120.00?

Dynasty Autographed WGP Hat! $50.00?

I also have tanks and hoppers. Please e-mail me if you are interested in any of this. Pictures upon request!


[email protected]

Oh, and also, the both the MR1 and the MR2 come with Timmy detents installed. They also come with extras.
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