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For Sale: Piranha E-Force STS /w Ups! Price reduced!

I will be selling my Piranha E-Force STS with the follow ups and items.

Piranha E-Force STS
16" Empire Twister Barrell
The orignal barrell that came with it
32* Expansion Chamber
The orignal expansion chamber that came with it
Pure Energy 20oz C02 Tank
32* Goggles
Empire Reloader Revvy hopper
3 pods which hold 150 paintballs each(they might hold 100..not sure) which will come with paint in them.

I still have the original box the gun came in, also has the barell plug, AC Car Charger, and the regular In home charger for the gun. It also comes with the original rechargable battery. Basically this gun will come in the orignal box with all the parts that came with it.

I have only had this gun for a few months, I have played 5 games with this gun and it has had around a case of paint shot through it. The reason I am selling this gun is because I am leaving for school in a week, and the extra money would be nice :D

Appearance wise the gun is still very shinny, but does have a couple small scratches from play, also the yellow piranha stickers that are on the side have come off while I was cleaning it. I think you can get more from PMI?

I bought the gun for $175, plus 20 for the x-chamber, 40 for hopper, and 55 for barrell. So I am $290 into this gun. I am asking $200 for this gun, and buyer pays shipping.

I have pictures if anyone is interested, just send me an e-mail at [email protected] and I will send you the pictures of it and all the other items it will come with.

If you have questions, send me an e-mail, or a reply to this. Also PM's work!

Edit: Here is a 1 of 8 pictures I have of this gun, this is a picture of the entire package and what would be coming with it.

Was $200 +shipping now is $150 +shipping.

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Thanks for the offer, but $150 is pretty low considering everything that is coming with this gun. The is a complete set for someone doing rec sport and would be really hard pressed to find it for under $200 bucks. But I will keep you in mind if other offers don't come around, we might work something out.
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