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Well, I was going to make a black out sniper, but other things have peaked my interest so this is on the block. All you actualy need to complete it is a pump kit (and a barrel of course.)

Here are the specs: Free Flow Rythm body (it is drilled for eyes), Free Flow front block, Free Flow vert asa, Free flow twister feedneck, Free Flow top pin derlin bolt, All shocktech internals & cocking rod, Dye single trigger swing frame, CP gas through grip, CP micro drop, CP on/off. Also a shocktech ram, a pump arm, and a Dye LPR will be included for kicks and giggles. Note, the Dye LPR has several plier marks. Also, the bottom of the back block has been rubbed where the previous owner had a beaver tail on too tight. My plans were to touch it up with car touch up paint, you may do with it what you wish. (a new beaver tail would easily hide the blemish) **Dye Stickies will not be included, however a pair of PPS panel grips will be.**


Price: $250 plus actual shipping to where ever you live. Price is negotiable. Offer up, I need to fund other things. Only trade I will take are partial trades for a black T-stock.

Thanks for looking and hope this becomes a good deal for someone looking for a custom bodied sniper.

You can respond here, pm me, or get me on AIM at ThatOneGuyYouNo.
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