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This is the 2nd time i'm posting this, because the last thread got too cluttered with 'up's and bad deals, so here she is:
(this time, i'm offering the entire freak kit- SS back, 2 fronts, and 8 inserts w/ case) as well as a clear empire reloader.

well, the time has come to sell my baby. This marker has had a long and colorful historym starting august 2k3 when I got a blue 2k2 RF off ebay, then slowly up'd it until it had everything working beautifully with the acception of the body. So, I bought a 2k3 cocker and put all the aftermarket parts on it thus combining looks and performance which never let me down.
What I say now is the 100% truth: I cannot remember the last time I chopped in either the barrel or breach of this marker- truely a feat to achieve in todays world. The reason: with the timing set up superbly, and with the Micro Rock LPR, I pinch paint when I would have chopped it, and the Freak Never chopped paint to begin with. Here are the specs:

-Red 2k3 vert feed body
-Free Flow Valve (argued to be the best)
-Free Flow Hammer (medium weight, alloting me to operate using lower pressure springs)
-Free Flow Nynratron bolt (almost no weight whatsoever)
-Free Flow springs + Velocity adjuster (much better looking than stock)
-Palmer Micro Rock LPR (chrome) (AMAZING- so fast, and I never chop)
-FF ram- allows me to run my LPR wayyyy lower than the stock ram.
-FF QEV's- helps decrease chance of shortstroking and makes for a much 'cleaner' stroke
-Shocktech BOMB 3-way- Super short stroke and a much beefier rod which will decrease in breakage.
Other stuff
-Chrome stock ball detent- just adds some extra pa-zazz for sh*ts and giggles. also- it has a small o-ring on the threads to make it sit father back, and not scratch the bolt as much while feeding faster.
-Red CP reg- wow. Keeps pressure tight for great consistentcy
-Chrome WGP 2nd Generation Hinge frame- coupled with the BOMB 3-way and Rounded hammer lug, this is a very smooth and short pull(about 1 cm in length from bottom of trigger). I was doing 10 bps on this guy (Tested on chrono) with no skips or chops(obvoiusly )
-DYE Sticky 3 grips (black). Amazing grips- very hard to drop your marker during those superman dives with these.
-FF Stainless Steel Pump rod
Barrel stuff
-Freak barrel- Stainless Steel back w/ 2 fronts, and all 8 inserts.
*10" Red Freak Style Front for all you front guys!
*12" All American Front for everyone else!

This marker is very efficient, and fast for a mech cocker. Just imagining this marker e-bladed would make a grown man cry

Because i'm just such a gosh-darned nice guy i'll throw in some spare Pneumatic hose just in case you need it, as well as the 2k3 cocker's box, and manual. I will also write up some Troubleshooting guides and other things so a first time cocker user will not have anything to worry about!
make an offer here, by PM, or on AIM- my screen name is CHSPetey14
all offers welcome!
-Petey (mr. nice guy)

$400 o/bo

IM me for pics

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ok guys
I've decided to try something new. If you aren't looking for a $400 cocker, just tell me what parts you want on it and i'll sell your just that.

like heres an idea for a setup.
-FF ram with 1 qev
-stock 3-way
-stock lpr
-Stock bolt
-Stock valve
-FF hammer w/ rounded hammer lug
-Freak barrel w/ 1 insert (either front)
-CP reg
-stock grips
-Hinge frame (i have 2- a shocktech and a WGP)
-FF springs
This setup would go for $300-ish

or, for the more serious player:

-3 freak inserts
-FF hammer w/ rounded hammer lug
-FF bolt
-Stock valve
-FF ram w/ qev's
-Micro rock
-bomb 3-way
-wgp hinge
-dye sticky-3 grips
-WGP Hinge or shocktech hinge
-CP reg
this would go for about $399
i need to sell this so


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oakley- no way
-CP reg
-FF ram
-Stock lpr + chrome STO 3-way
-Stock internals
-Freak with 1 insert

hows that

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the sticky-3s are black. if the buyer doesn't want them, they'll be $10
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