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So you want to be different?

You want a hard fight?

You want to be outnumbered and surrounded?

You want to have the best of all worlds?

Then you want the French Resistance!

That’s right, the French Resistance (also called the Free French) is the ONLY unit to officially Defend & Attack on Saturday!! That is right, the ONLY unit for EITHER side to Attack & Defend as part of the official mission on Saturday!

So why have to settle for one or the other? Get the best of both worlds!

The French start in the valley of SME, right in the middle of German territory! We are totally surrounded by the Germans on every side and they have put together a unit that’s mission is to kick us out of OUR town!

Of course we are not going to let that happen so we need only the best and most determined paintballers we can get!

Another thing about the French vs other “special” units, is that the French DO NOT have the 15 year old age limit like all the other special forces units. So if you are looking for a unit that is unique and gets LOTS of action but are not able to join the special forces until due to not being over 15 then this is the unit for you!

We are just like the French Resistance of WWII in that we are on our own for the most part and are surrounded and outnumbered and the enemy HATES us. We must use guerrilla warfare to overcome these odds and the last 2 years we have completed ALL objectives even against these overwhelming odds.

Our mission is to defend SME for points 3 times in the morning, after this we are then free to go attack the Germans wherever and however we can. We go where other units can’t or won’t and get the job done and in General be a pain in the Germans backside!

Oh yeah, did a mention that we also have tanks and AT? Thats right you can kill tanks or bring your tank and still play french!

So hurry up and sign up for the French Resistance before we are filled! Time is of the essence here!
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