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There is new Sports Auction site that offers many of the features buyers and sellers have been looking for.

*FREE listings on this site.
*Only $.20 per sale
*No cost if your item doesn't sell.
*Automatic relist for up to 6 months.
*Immediate account activation
*Do NOT need to enter a credit card
*They allow you to list your own site URL in the item description
*Anti-sniper protection for auction items

They have a very nice display system that allows Sellers to showcase the items they are listing.
Buyers will appreciate the display system to see exactly what is being offered.
If you buy or sell paintball gear on the internet - this site is definitely worth considering.
Lets join, list some items and spread the word about this site so that we can develop a nice area for Paintballers to buy and sell their items.

* This post was sponsored by, a PBF contributor.


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