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Here's a list of email addresses for your sticker begging needs.

Don't know what to put in the email? Just be honest. Say "Hey, I love your stuff, can I have some stickers?" or something of that nature. Some will send stickers, some might not. All in all, you can't really lose anything since you aren't paying for them. thumup:

CP address added! Courtesy of Maxx Ronin.
Also, New Smart Parts SASE Addy courtesy of kleivonen.

PMI is no longer sending out stickers by mail.

Company Emails:

Air America- [email protected]

Benchmark- [email protected]

CP (Custom Products)- [email protected]

FreeFlow- [email protected]

ICD (Indian Creek Designs)- [email protected]

J&J- [email protected]

JT Paintball- [email protected]

KAPP- [email protected] <UPDATED EMAIL, thanks Fantasyfire >

Kingman (Spyder, Raven, Java)- [email protected]

Paintball2Xtremes Magazine- Debbie is tired of getting sticker emails. Now go to their website to get stickers.

Planet Eclipse- [email protected]

REDZ- [email protected]

Shocktech- [email protected]

Smart Parts- [email protected]

System X- [email protected]

Tippmann Pneumatics- [email protected]

WDP- [email protected]

These companies require a SASE

For those of you that have never done this, just get two envelopes. On the first one, write YOUR name and address and put a stamp on it. Don't seal it! Then cram this envelope (the one with your name on it) into another envelope, and address and mail it to the company.

Still don't understand? Click HERE and the helpful staff of AKA will walk you through it. :D


Lady Of The Lake
16 South Keystone Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46201


Custom Products
1640 W.Sunrise Blvd
Gilbert, AZ, 85233

Derder Productions: Word is that Derder stickers aren't free anymore.

4080 Kendall St. #5
San Diego, CA 92109

Dye: (don't know if this is the right addy for stickers)

Dye Precision
10637 Scripps Summit Ct.
San Diego, CA 92131

Macdev (thanks i_bunkered_u)

Gramps and Grizzly's Outpost
7203 Arlington Ave, Unit F
Riverside, CA
USA 92503

Do not email Macdev for stickers. You will not receive any that way, and they are tired of receiving emails about it.

Paintball Junkies:

Paintball Junkies
1051 S. LESLIE ST.
LA HABRA, CA 90631

Palmer's Pursuit (thanks Torch)

3951 Development Dr. #3
Sacramento, CA 95838

Smart Parts:

Smart Parts, Inc.
Attention: Rebecca
100 Station Street
Loyalhanna, PA 15661

32 Degrees writes:
content provided by BackMan12
We offer an assortment of National Paintball, 32 Degrees, and Paintball 2Xtremes stickers at no cost. All we ask is that you send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Free Paintball Stickers
PO Box 690
Sewell, NJ 08080

We do offer other stickers at a price of $2 a sheet. You have a choice of:
-National Paintball Supply
-Bob Long Intimidators
-32 Degrees
-Empire stickers

We also sell single Bob Long stickers with chrome color on them for $1 a piece.

If you would like to purchase these, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope along with cash the above PO Box.
taken from the new Bob Long website
Chrome Bob Long Logo stickers Still Available!
Available in two styles. Style #1 is the Intimidator Logo and #2 is the classic Bob Long Skull.

If you would like to receive a chrome Bob Long sticker send 1 dollar to:

Chrome Bob Long Logo Sticker
Attention: JEN
P.O. Box 690
Sewell, NJ 08080

Please be sure to specify which style sticker you would like to receive.

Reported as down: Look for new ones, and let me know if you find one that works for these.

ACI- [email protected]

ANS Xtreme- [email protected]

Empire- [email protected]

Also, WGP has apparently stopped giving out stickers. Maybe if we all join their forums and bug them they'll have some printed up. ;)

Know of some I missed? PM me and I'll update the list. Have fun, and cover everything with free stickers.

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I e-mailed some guys a week ago, do they just send the stickers or do they e-mail you saying that they're sendin them to you, cuz if so, i'm not gettin stickers

Gone Forever
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What I did was just tell them my 10 man team sports their product.

For example, I e-mailed JT and sayed we are a 10 man novice team and we all use 6.0's...:)

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it took me a long time before i got all my stickers, but they will eventually come...well most of them will.

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100%Wooddog said:
As we see clearly right here AKA shows you how to do a self-addressed stamped envelope.
How to!

ummmm that belongs in the movie sticky, im giving you one warning and next time ill ban...

jk, lol that would suck ( u can tell that i was really bored when i posted this)

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**How To Send a Self-Addressed Envelope**

Take one envelope, and address it to yourself, as if you were the company, and they were sending you a letter. Put a stamp on that, and put it in an envelope that is addressed to the company. Stamp that, and send it out.

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can anyone confirm which of these companies will give you the stickers?

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i think all of the companies will send you stickers if you send them an envelope, however i do know that Kapp sends them w/o one. I got 4 stickers in the mail, all the same, and they werent the best quality, but better than nothing

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Kapp told me to request through the website... PMI sent me two sheets of Evil stickers (80 stickers total) I also got Dye stickers... I havent gotten any from WGP, Kingman, or even JT o_O

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i only got from KAPP. 3 stickers, little k''s with like a circle thing around them, took me forever to figure out that your supposed to take the k off the clear stuff.

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Pr0ph3t said:

Never got any from -
same here
I've probably sent 5-10 emails to dye requesting some, but I am yet to see a single sticker
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