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For Immediate Release
Contact: Dustin Boulton
Email: [email protected]
Website: FreeAgents.US: Paintball Tournaments for the Free Agent
Untitled Document (graphic Version) to offer team less players the ability to play NPPL and XPSL paintball tournaments.

With the never ending supply of “Free Agents” and team less players, was born. Players may now sign up alone or with friends to play popular National events such as’s Huntington Beach or’s Las Vegas. Registration is open for all divisions, including Semi-Pro!
Once a player signs up they are assigned to a Team Group. Once that team group fills to 8 players the roster is completed and all players are notified of their team mates and their contact information.

Limited support prior to, and at the event, is provided by Team Kolohe members. Support includes an important "to do" checklist, important rules and an information packet with everything you need to know to prepare for the event. Additional support, such as help walking fields, pit crew or an all event coach can be purchased if you choose to do so.
In addition is working hard to provide discounts on paint and other products at each event for each player or team signed up.

Never miss another event due to the lack of a team or the inability to stay on a team due to practice requirements. You can now play any NPPL or XPSL event you want, guaranteed!
Spots are limited and registration closes 1 week prior to the event so sign up today!

For questions or more details visit the website or email [email protected]
For Sponsorship or Advertising opportunites please email [email protected]

Thank you,
Dustin Boulton
FreeAgents.US: Paintball Tournaments for the Free Agent
Team Kolohe - San Diego tournament paintball team
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