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Friend selling cocker(Needs Pricing)

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'01 with all stock but hinge trigger...I know a bit about cockers and how their resale is crap. A worker at the proshop offered him $100 up front cash for it, but he's wondering whether he should see if he could get it more from a local citizen. My question is, should he go for the quick $100 or look for people willing to pay a higher price, only problem is he wants to get rid of it in a week, so i tell him to just take the $100. What do you guys think?
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is it bone stock?
Stock except for hinge....And forgot to mention, no barrel!
I think he may as well take the 100. It may be tough to sell a stock cocker with no barrel....
ask for $150- $200. I would pay you $120 for that cocker right now, but I only have $80 at the moment. If the $100 deal doesn't come true, send me an e-mail and i'll scrounge up so $ to buy it.
I might have a friend interested, could give u probly a bit more then 100, but did your friend want to keep this local so he didnt have to ship? sorta seemed that way from your post.
my reccomendation: go to a field, find some guy who has a stock barrel laying around and give him $5 for it. That will increase the resale value for it.
besides that yer screwed lol
yea find any stock or cheap autococker barrel and it should raise the value, other than that 100 seems to be in his favor
Yeah, if hes got a time issue, then take the $100, but i bet if he wanted too, he could buy a 22' barrel, and sell it to a rich n00b as a top of the line "Sniper Gun" for $300.
^^^^^^^^ I'd do that too if i had a cocker like that
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